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Extension status can now be tracked much better

IconExtension is ON. Ready to work.
IconAt this time extension is OFF which will not work on any site.


On/Off Extension

You can use this setting to turn on/off the extension and you can also turn on/off the extension through chrome shortcuts key ALT + Q.


Change Shortcuts Key in Chrome - chrome://extensions/shortcuts

Hide Javascript Dialog

You can hide the javascript dialog (Alert, Confirm, Prompt) by this setting only you have to give the URL of this site in the setting which you have to hide.

Insert Site/Form Settings

You can do the settings to fetch the details of the field from the form from here.

Logs Settings

You can see the response while filling the form by turning on this option. By going to the URL given below.

Form Filler Settings

  • If you want to see the response color in the field while filling the form, then turn it on.

Status Bar

If you want to see Entry's status bar, then turn it on.



If click Mark as Saved button on the status bar then execute {MARK AS SAVED} segment. If segment exists then execute.

Microsoft Form Filler Settings

Microsoft Form Filler Settings.

Export/Import Settings

  • Import Site Data
  • Export All Site Data
  • Delete All Site Data


Released under the MIT License.