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Types of Field

Fields are used to fill data in the form and there is a type of these fields so that data can be filled in the field.


  • Text
  • Select
  • Multiple Select
  • Checkbox (Multiple Selection)
  • Radio (Single Selection)
  • Date
  • Button
  • Upload File
  • Video



Material field type works on Material framework like Vuetify, MUI, React Material, Angular Material, etc.


Google Field

  • Single Text
  • Long Text
  • Choice (Radio)
  • Select
  • Multiple Checkboxes
  • Choice Linear Scale (Radio)
  • Multiple Choice Grid (Radio)
  • Multiple Checkboxes Grid (Checkbox)
  • Date/Time
  • Time/Duration
  • File Upload

Microsoft Field

  • Single Text
  • Long Text
  • Choice (Radio)
  • Multiple Checkboxes
  • Dropdown
  • Date Picker
  • Rating
  • Sort List
  • Matrix Radio Group
  • Net Promoter Score (Linear Scale Radio)

Scraper Data

  • Fetch Text
  • Fetch HTML
  • Scraping Data
  • Scraping Page URL
  • Fetch Table Data in Scraper Data (Vertical)
  • Fetch Table Data in the Response Excel (Horizontal)
  • Fetch Header-Value Data
  • Fetch Multiple Data (Vertical)

Program Helper

Program Helper - Advance

Browser Actions

Javascript Dialog

Javascript Events


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