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Date Picker

When any form field opens a calendar and expect user to select any date, You can configure the field to automatically select date.


This form field is generally used when Date Form Field is not working


Field Options

Calendar Date Format

How date is being displayed by calendar. likes (YYY-MM-DD, DD-MM-YYYY,.)

Calendar Date Format

List of date format

Calendar Previous Button Selector Address

Calendar button which we can use to navigate to previous month.

Previous Button

Calendar Next Button Selector Address

Calendar button which we can use to navigate to next month.

Next Button

Calendar Days Selector Address

An Element or Layer inside calendar view, which contains list of all days.


Calendar Already Selected Date

In some date pickers, when you click on the date field, the date gets inserted in the input field, but in some date pickers this does not happen. as per the picture below


If the date is not shown in the field after clicking on the date picker field, then you will have to fill the date of the date picker in this option. As the already selected date of the date picker given above is 2023-04-22

Open Calendar Button Selector Address

If calendar do not open when we click on input field because it is attached to a button, then use this option.


Set the wait time between Previous/Next month Action

After picking the date, press the button to set the date in form



If using flatpickr date picker then set only one js event change in the field settings.

Released under the MIT License.