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Form Field

Form Field which you can fill automatically through excel template

Insert Field

After filling the form of the site, you have to insert the field of the form, this field is automatic fill. After entering the field name or field type, you can insert the field.

Types of Field

  • Text
  • Select
  • Multiple Select
  • Checkbox (Multiple Selection)
  • Radio (Single Selection)
  • Date
  • Button
  • Upload File
  • Material Single Select
  • Material Multiple Select
  • Date Picker
  • 👩‍💻 Javascript Code
  • 🚀 Function
  • 🔑 Keys
  • Insert HTML
  • URL Matching
  • URL Open
  • Send Request
  • Timer Action
  • String Matching
  • Copy
  • (Scraper Data) Fetch Text
  • (Scraper Data) Fetch HTML
  • (Scraper Data) Fetch Simple Table Data
  • (Google Form) Choice (Radio)
  • (Google Form) Select
  • (Google Form) Multiple Checkboxes
  • (Google Form) Choice Linear Scale (Radio)
  • (Google Form) Multiple Choice Grid (Radio)
  • (Google Form) Multiple Checkboxes Grid (Checkbox)
  • (Google Form) Date/Time
  • (Google Form) Time/Duration
  • (Microsoft Form) Single Text
  • (Microsoft Form) Long Text
  • (Microsoft Form) Choice (Radio)
  • (Microsoft Form) Multiple Checkboxes
  • (Microsoft Form) Dropdown
  • (Microsoft Form) Date Picker
  • (Microsoft Form) Rating
  • (Microsoft Form) Sort List
  • (Microsoft Form) Matrix Radio Group
  • (Microsoft Form) Net Promoter Score (Linear Scale Radio)


Material field type works on Material framework like Vuetify, MUI, React Material, Angular Material, etc.

Released under the MIT License.