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Form Error Response

Through this option, you can match the error response (returned from server), when a form/entry is not submitted, When It matches with given error response, entry will be marked as Entry Saved and You can also set the action

Form Error Response


Error Page URL

Fill in the URL of the page on which you want to match the error response.

  • It may be full URL
  • It may be URL with Regular Expression

Match URL Types

How you want to match with Error Page URL

  • Match with Full URL
  • Match with URL pathname
  • Match with URL hostname
  • Match with RegEx

Error Response Type

It is about, How server returns Error Response to User.

  1. Matching Message In Page
  2. Matching Message In Browser Alert
  3. Matching Message In Page Element Value
  4. Checking Element Exists In Page

Matching Message In Alert Message

If the response of the entry comes in the form of javascript dialog (Browser Alert), you can hide the dialog from extension settings and fetch the response to match against given Enter Error Message

Enter Error Message

If Server returns something back to user after form is not submitted, Then you can use it along with Error Response Type to check If form is really saved.

Here you can have multiple messages. If any of the given messages is matched, then the extension will mark the current entry as saved and after that, it will execute the action given by you.

Delay Time Before Run Action

Time delay before the action is executed. Set time in the Milliseconds. (1 seconds = 1000 milliseconds)


  • Redirect to Page
  • Re-Execute Form
  • Click on Button

Released under the MIT License.